Testimonials from parents

Our son was 3 years old when he started attending Silk Road Montessori. We just moved to Portland from Paris, France, and he didn't speak English at all. Of course we were worried about the way he would adjust to such a different environment and language, and we didn't know what to expect from an American school. After a horrible experience in a first preschool we had picked up while we were still in Paris (he stayed there only two weeks before we took him out of this nightmarish environment that reminded us of the daycare facility in "Toy Story 3"!), we were lucky enough to find a spot at Silk Road.

By the end of his first week there, he felt just like at home : he made plenty of friends and loved his teachers, Violetta and Mary. The love, care, respect and attention he received there is just unbelievable and we can't be but grateful for his happiness and his progress. All the materials, books, toys used in the school are elegant and carefully chosen, which tells a lot, we think, about the creativity and the delicacy of the environment surrounding the students. The emphasis on foreign languages (French and Spanish) and cultures makes it a lot easier for a little foreigner to adjust, and for the other kids to enjoy his presence. And we can't think of any better and more dedicated teacher than Violetta, the directress. To say it a bit bluntly, there's something magic about this place. We'll miss Violetta and the school community when we come back home in France.

— Raphaëlle and Xabi

I can only give this school and it's director Violetta the highest recommendation. My daughter has been at home with both parents primarily (home schooled initially); so her first “school” experience had to be just right. I did rigorous research prior to deciding to have my daughter there. She too, had the best feeling about the school compared to any other. (She is in her second year there now.) The environment there is structured for gentle learning, but open in a way which is supportive, loving, and helpful to each child with their own individual needs. The staff there has been amazing, and watching my girl's development thru her attendance there, has been an amazing transformation. She tells me she feels 'at home' there, comes home speaking sentences and songs in other languages, now at 5 is reading and doing multiplication. It's the foundation (and beyond) I wish for her to have. It's an amazing, rich environment…probably the best you could provide for a child… with a lot of love and personal attention to development, respect to one another. Add to that a non-toxic environment, nutritious/organic snacks and exposure to diverse and wonderful things (musically, culturally). I feel we've become a part of a family there. But beyond that—to say that the skill, attention to detail, (understanding to children's very particular needs) given at Silk Road is exceptional is almost an understatement. I have seen all that I am giving to my daughter supported, enriched, and further enhanced by her attendance there, with a strong focus on global awareness, peace, support, family and kindness. I'm not sure I could ask for anything else while my daughter is learning concurrently! Violetta has amazing skills and experience with children that I've also seen transferred to her behavior at home… I've learned a lot from her too with regard to parenting skills and would not hesitate recommending this school to any parent that wishes for the highest possible attention and care given to their child. I know the parents and children in attendance at Silk Road well, and the level of respect that goes on there between students, staff, parents, and director. The children there are happy, beautiful, smart kids who support each other as well. The school and the director have a STELLAR reputation in the community.

— Chemynne

Our oldest daughter attended Silk Road Montessori from 2009 thru 2012. Although the school is conveniently located in our neighborhood, and even though our daughter's academic and social develoment has met AND exceeded our expectations — neither of these are the primary reason we chose to return to Silk Road for three consecutive school years. There are a number of outstanding preschools in Portland, and particularly in the inner Southeast. What is MOST significant AND unique about Silk Road is the emotional support, encouragement and stability Violetta (the founder and primary guide) and the other guides provide to each child on a daily basis. We are looking forward with pleasure and without hesitation to enrolling our youngest daughter at Silk Road when the time comes. When I picked my daughter up from kindergarten last Friday, she insisted we drive a couple of blocks out of our way past Silk Road. School just happened to be letting out and she asked if we could stop and see her younger friends she hadn't seen in a while. Once everyone was gone Violetta invited us inside, and for the next hour or so the three of us sat at one of the kid size tables doing origami, while Violetta and my daughter reminisced. That pretty much made my daughter's week (not to mention the entire preschool chapter of her life).

— John

My son attended Silk Road Montessori for 1.5 years and loved every minute of it! The respectful and safe environment that Violetta has created allowed him to excel in both academic and social areas. His math and reasoning skills are incredible, and he made a number of lasting friendships. I would recommend Silk Road without reservation!

— Melissa

We were with Violetta and very involved with Silk Road for 3 years. The environment that she has created is full of love, respect, honesty,tolerance, patience and such a warm, special place to learn and grow. My son thrived at Silk Road Montessori and I cannot imagine having a better preschool experience anywhere else — for him or for our entire family. The combination of the Maria Montessori philosophy with Violetta's love for art, language + music creates a beautiful balance in the classroom that can sometimes be lacking in other, more rigid Montesssori schools. Violetta's dedication to the children and her devotion to each and every child astounds me. These are only a few reasons that I would highly reccommend everything about Violetta, her staff and safe, lovely school.

— Wendy

We stumbled upon this wonderful school when we moved into the neighborhood 2 years ago, and consider it our most fortunate stumble of parenthood. Founder and head guide Violetta shows nothing but love and respect for the children and their families. My son talks about his school as “my other home.” In conversations with him about who is in our family, he often includes Violetta in with his aunts, uncles, and grandparents. When I see and hear him playing with his peers from school, it is clear they are getting excellent modeling and teaching in how to be respectful and kind to each other and to themselves. We are hugely grateful each day that our son is at Silk Road Montessori, and can only hope that his future teachers are as invested in his (and his family's) well-being and future as Violetta and her aides are.

— Rachel

I'm a child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst hugely invested in the importance of how and to whom my kids attach in their early caregiving relationships, and I can say without a shred of doubt I am simply in awe at the loving care and attention my daughter receives from Violetta and Mary at Silk Road Montessori. I miss my daughter when I'm at work, but I'm comforted by the sure knowledge she is in about as ideal a preschool as I can possibly imagine. Also, I have roughly 15 post-college years of training, and I honestly believe I could have learned as much or more from spending that time in my daughter's classroom.

— Laurence

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